Garage Door Locks – Additional Security

Have you noticed a potential security concern with your garage door, for example, it can be all too easily manipulated and someone could make their way inside your garage? Many people realize that the opener system simply doesn’t provide the level of security that they are comfortable with. Why? Because they know that they can easily work around this system and manually lift open the garage door. For this reason, garage door locks for additional security are in order. There are different kinds of locks available for garage doors, and you can do a search online to discover some of them or reach out to an expert locksmith in your area! They will be able to provide the answers you are looking for. But read on for more information!

When it comes to your property, there are a lot of areas that you have to think about securing. Criminals can get creative, and they won’t necessarily just try to come in the front door. They might find that it is easier to enter through a window, for example, or even a garage door that leads to a garage connecting to your home. It’s scary, but it’s best to be aware of the possibility of these things happening, and be prepared. A garage door can certainly benefit from locks for additional security. There are various solutions available to help you with property protection, and a garage door lock is one of many of these. If you are in Greece, NY, then our locksmiths can talk with you about garage door security. We offer consultations free of charge, so call if you are in the area to get the information you need ( Or, call a locksmith serving your location if you happened to come across this article and are located elsewhere.

Here, you are going to find everything you are looking for about garage door locks!  

Why Should I Buy Garage Door Locks? Are They A Necessity?  
According to many, yes, they are absolutely a necessity. You know that garage doors are heavy and robust, but this doesn’t mean they couldn’t use the additional protection that is offered by locks. Even though the door itself is heavy, you can likely still lift it up by hand if you need to, for instance, during a power outage. You can thank the springs and other components for this.
An opener system is great, but it can be overridden by a person who knows what they are doing. This is not something you want. What you do want are locks that secure your door. Did you know you can even get locks installed on the inside so they are hidden? It is something to think about!

Side Locks, T-Locking Handles And Deadbolts
T-locks and deadbolts – have you heard of them? In case you did not know, these are mechanisms that make your garage door difficult to break into. They make it so a person would have an extremely difficult time overriding them. T-locks and deadbolts slide into the garage door. They can certainly be beneficial if you want more security.
Some different locks to check out include the IDEAL Security Garage Door Side Lock, T locking handle by Prime Line, Garage door deadbolt lock by Everbilt, and so on! There are many possibilities. Think about your price range and consider the options.

Garage Door Keyless Entry/Access Code
Are you interested in keyless entry? This can be very convenient. You might opt for an access code. A keypad would be set up on the outside of the garage door, meaning it is visible but a person wouldn’t be able to get in without knowing the code. This can be beneficial because you can share the code with those you want to share it with, but no one else has to know it. Forget keeping track of a key when you can just go keyless.
Do you have a preference for a lock on your garage door, but also for a lock on the door inside of the garage? This door might allow you to walk right into your home, so when we are talking about garage door locks it is not a bad idea to mention this, too.
What kind of garage door do you have? Is it an electrical door? If so, you might have a preference for high-tech security solutions. Just remember that there is something for everyone. Do you have a fiberglass or aluminum garage door? Sure, you can buy a kit online, but it might be a good idea to talk with an expert. You can easily go online, for example, and find a replacement keyed lock kit that is meant for a steel or wood garage door. But do you know how to set it up? Some garage door lock kits will come with spring latches – do you know how to work with these? We recommend reaching out to an expert for garage door lock installation.

Turn to An Expert for Garage Door Lock Installation!
You should consider security for your garage door. When it comes time to install a new lock, or if you have questions about which lock would work best for you, we recommend reaching out to a locksmith. Garage door lock installation is one of many services that a locksmith will be able to offer (visit website).
Whether you have an automatic garage door opener or not, you could absolutely still benefit from having extra locks installed. You have learned by reading this that there are different lock types available and you might have questions or concerns. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to get on the phone with a licensed and insured expert who will be able to answer all of your questions regarding garage door locks for additional security. We are glad that you have taken the time to learn about different options available to you and we are sure that you will find something that works, whether you have a residential standard wood door, fiberglass or any other kind!

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