Choosing Your Ideal Butt Shape

So you`ve decided to consider enhancing your body. Specifically, you`ve dreamed of having that banging booty with just the right eye-popping curves created by a skilled cosmetic surgeon. The choice is clear; it`s time for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Did you know that there are a variety of BBL shapes you can choose? It`s true; this is not just a one-size-fits-all surgery. Under the talented hands of Dr. Arian Mowlavi, he`s going to craft and sculpt your buttocks into the exact right volume, curve, and lift in BBL shapes that you so desire. Let`s look at some of the details of how a Brazilian Buttock Lift Assessment tool works so that you know precisely the type of beautiful booty you`ll have. It`s truly a game-changer!  

The Two Main Factors Using the Buttocks Assessment Tool  In looking at what BBL shapes to consider, there are two main factors in play. One of those is buttocks fullness (volume). That`s the ratio of waist-to-hip and how it looks from the back of you. Ideally, you will want a slimmer waist, fuller hips, and enough volume in your buttocks to be curvalicious. Curvalicious is not a medical term, but it gives you a picture of the results you`ll get from your BBL shape? 

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Next, the assessment tool helps you consider the right buttocks projection, which is the side-view of your profile and waist, to see how the butt will look from that angle. All the details are considered very carefully with exact measurements that you can see on the chart. So it`s easy to tell if you need to go a little bigger or a tad more conservative, depending on your frame and desired results. Dr. Mowlavi takes a lot of time with each of his potential clients to get what they want out of each procedure he does.  General Butt Shapes In general, many clients will mention the look of certain celebrity backsides that they like. However, it`s also helpful to know how some specific BBL shapes will look.

The most popular ones are the heart-shaped butt or the round butt, which is most commonly known as the “bubble butt.” In either case, the idea is to have more volume on the top of the buttocks so that it appears lifted and perky but with enough volume to be luscious and sexy.  The heart-shaped butt is a more traditional hourglass shape. It`s more of a subtle butt curve, but it`s going to be enough volume for someone that started with a deflated or flat buttocks area that didn`t have much shape at all. Think of how Kylie Jenner`s gorgeous body looks for an ideal example of BBL shapes in heart form.  The round-butt is going to be a more dramatic volume in BBL shapes. It`s a highly curvy backside with extra volume in the rear that is going to be noticeable.

This type of BBL is for the person that wants eye-popping attention to their bottom. In BBL shapes, this form is similar to how someone like Nicki Minaj`s gorgeous assets looks.  Fall In Love With Heart or Round BBL Shapes  Of course, in either of the best BBL shapes, heart or round, Dr. Mowlavi`s Brazilian Buttock Lift Assessment tool will go deeper into the specifics of exactly how you want your butt to look. All of the angles, measurements, and desired results are easier to define using this genius method of assessment. The butt you have always wanted to have can be yours. All you need to do is decide which of the BBL shapes you want to end up with for the best rear end possible. 

Here your will find an extensive set of BBL Before and After Photos.  Enjoy!