Remodel VS Rebuild: What to Choose?

When our house needs a little love or fixing, we often wonder what to do. Do we tear it down and start over to turn it into something new or do we upgrade it by changing its style and design? Whatever it is, both procedures will make your house wonderful and amazing.

However, both of these will also need careful planning and special considerations or factors for your house. This is because some sections in your house might only need a few touch-ups while some might need a major change. 

Remodeling and rebuilding your home are both very rewarding once it is finished. It can however be a handful especially when you don’t know which one to do. For those who are wondering what to choose for their home, fret no more. We will discuss both procedures to help you decides what best fits your home.

Determine Your Budget

First things first, you need to know how much you need to spend. You wouldn’t want to spend all your savings and end up not having left after the project. That’s a big no. This is why is essential to determine it by scaling your ability about spending for the project wherein if you’re willing to spend as much or just within your limits or resources available.

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For those who are quite tight on their budget, then you can opt for remodeling by doing it in sections. For example, do the master bedroom first, then once you have more budget, you can then move on to other rooms. 

However, if you’re opting for rebuilding then this project has no going back. This is because once the demolition starts, you’ll be left with a vacant lot. As result, your only option is to build a new home. The only way to finish it is by moving forward as well as your spendings. So make sure to come prepared when opting for the latter. 

How Long Will You Stay?

From a financial perspective, if you are going to stay for a long time in your house and then sell it when the time comes, then the best option for you would be to rebuild your home. This is because most physical elements in the house have timers wherein they will eventually break and be repaired. 

When you rebuild your home, you reset the item’s physical timers as they would be replaced or repaired into a new one. So when the time comes that you sell it 15 years after you rebuild it, you’ll be selling a 15-year-old house instead of whatever its original age would be. A house age is an essential factor most buyers consider when purchasing a house. 

For Better or Cheaper?

There are always two ways you can go when it comes to your home. If you’re opting to make your house look better from the outside to the inside, then your best choice would be to tear it down and rebuild. You’ll also be able to create better design and foundation, get high-quality windows, new systems, and much more. Of course, building a new house can take some time to complete especially when it’s a huge one. 

Meanwhile, if you want to stay on budget and are looking for something a lot cheaper, then choose to renovate or remodel your house. You’ll be able to save a lot by renovating it by sections. So if you’re budget is not yet ready, then you can opt to complete it some other time. Plus, renovating is much quicker to complete than rebuilding your house from scratch.  


Know True Condition of the House

Lastly, determine if your house really needs remodeling or rebuilding. Though all houses may be remodeled according to a homeowner’s preference, your house may not need it. There are various conditions to merit it for rebuilding. Some of these includes:

  • The house has a bad foundation wherein it needs a lot of work so that you can successfully remodel it.
  • The ceiling is too low and makes the interior of the home look smaller than normal hence require it to be raised. This includes a lot of procedures and will need your house to be rebuilt to do it successfully.