Top Tips for Liposuction Recovery

If you`re planning liposuction surgery shortly, one of the top things on your mind may be liposuction recovery. It is only normal to get a bit concerned about discomfort or possible issues during your lipo recovery. But, there`s absolutely no need for worry if you take the proper steps to encourage a fast and easy recovery. We encourage you to review the home of page of High Definition Liposuction to learn more about liposuction.

Here are the top tips for easy liposuction recovery.

Stop smoking

When you smoke, it affects your immune system in a very negative way.  For this reason, a smoker takes far longer to heal after surgery.  The World Health Organization says that just one cigarette a day can potentially prevent you from healing properly after surgery, and it also increases the risk of post-surgical complications.

Wear compression garments

Your doctor typically gives you compression garments to wear home after the surgery. You can also order these garments online. Compression garments are substantial but still have some elasticity. They help to reduce swelling after your liposuction.

Stop taking blood thinners.

Before your surgery, your doctor will tell you to stop taking blood thinners and certain other medications or supplements that can increase bleeding. Those medications can also cause more bruising and skin discoloration after surgery. Your doctor will tell you when it`s safe to resume everyday medication use.

Stay active

As soon as you can, start following your liposuction procedure. The sooner you can be active, the less pain you`ll have overall, and the easier and quicker your recovery can be. Even if it is just walking down the hallway a few times, moving around can help prevent blood clots while also minimizing nerve pain.

Your doctor may also give you some other helpful lipo recovery tips after your surgery. For example, they may recommend lymphatic massage and deep breathing exercises. Follow these tips closely to get the very best outcome from your upcoming surgery!

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