Echoe Matthews – A Book Review

Echoe Matthews, aka Echoemeister Matthews, demonstrates raw, passionate fantasies as well as powerful ideas. Her beautiful body and stunning ass are so much wants to be possessed by, and her seductive skills are tantalizingly alluring. This girl is one sexy diva and she knows it, you just have to pay attention and follow her lead.

Miss Echoe Matthews, a Highland native, is originally from the south of Georgia. Early in life she was a dancer, and then a singer, at least on the southern circuit. She decided to go into modeling when her natural talent caught the attention of modeling professionals who signed her up to agents.

The book describes her wild life. She was partying her way through high school and college, and partying even harder after her graduation. She was involved in a drug ring run by her then lover. After six years of marriage to another man, she finally found love with David Matthews. This book shows Echoe’s addiction and how David helped her. keeping the story captivating until the very end. I recommend this book if you enjoy romance, and even if you don’t, I’m sure you will still read this book and find it irresistible!