Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania features Yakuza Customization Options

The Dragon of Dojima is mentioned in Monkey Ball.


Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania provides Yakuza customizable options such as clothing and skins for the ball.


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Masao Shirosaki, Super Monkey Ball producer has been posting clips of Banana Mania gameplay to Twitter since its announcement. This lets him reveal a variety of details that weren`t mentioned in trailers. Super Monkey Ball will have character customizationand will be a Sega trademark.


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In a recent Tweet dedicated to showing off the new photo mode Shirosaki is displaying a Yakuza themed Monkey Ball. Ai-Ai is sat inside the Monkey Ball that has Yakuza Kiryu`s character`s tattoo on the reverse. Ai-Ai has also a Yakuza shirt to show that Yakuza representation is present in the game. It`s not exactly Kiryu in a Monkey Ball, but it`s nevertheless nice to see. The tweet the company mentions that GEO has pre-orders that are exclusive, and Rakuten will receive T-shirts inspired by Fantasy Zone. The details aren`t clear on whether they will be available worldwide.


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On Twitterthe addition received praise from fans. Many people are hoping that it could open the way to more items from the game, such as Majima, Saejima and Ichiban’s tattoos. The fans hope that it will lead to Sega representation within the game. This isn`t shocking considering the fact that the team did manage to get Yakuza in the game.


Also, we get a glimpse at the photo mode in the game`s Twitter post. It`s an easy way to stop the action , but nothing else. Shirosaki tweeted, “I tried to play with custom parts. “The dragon is awesome!”



Yakuza isn`t the only Sega franchise to be included in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. When images of Sonic and Tails in Monkey Balls were posted on the site of the game, it appears that they`re making an appearance as playable characters. Digital Deluxe further states that the game has customizable options for old Sega consolessuch as the Dreamcast.