What is a BBL?

What is a BBL?

BBL is an abbreviation for a Brazilian butt lift. This standard cosmetic treatment combines fat transfer to create even more fullness in your rear.

If you’ve learned about a Brazilian butt lift and are looking for more long-term results than exercises alone, the following information is for you!

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Brazilian butt-lift surgery benefits

Unlike other butt surgery treatments, such as the placement of silicone butt implants, a Brazilian butt lift is praised for generating more excellent roundness in your behind while also delivering various natural-looking outcomes.

It can also assist with specific concerns, like sagging and shapelessness, which can arise with age in some circumstances.

Some people may contemplate the operation if they are bothered by figure disparities that make it difficult to wear specific garments comfortably.

One more advantage to Brazilian butt lifts is a reduced risk of infection than silicone butt implants. It does have a much better security profile than other materials, such as silicone caulking and sealants, that are, in some cases, illegally infused right into butts by unqualified people. Despite these advantages, there are some significant adverse effects to consider.


A fatality rate of 1 in 3000 is shown in present records due to Brazilian butt lifts. When the treatment is carried out inaccurately, injected fat can go into the large veins in the butts and then travel to the lungs. This creates breathing distress as well as inevitably fatality.

One more recognized negative effect is the failure of your butts to take up the grafted fat stores. A specific quantity of the fat infused is broken down and taken in by the body. Sometimes, one single procedure is not enough to show the results, and you might need an additional one. To reduce this threat, your surgeon may insert extra fat the very first time around.

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Brazilian butt-lift price

In 2016, a buttock lift’s average cost was $4,571, while buttock implants were $4,860. These standards are based upon the cosmetic surgeon fees only– you might still need to consider various other expenses, such as medical facility remains, anesthetic, and aftercare.

Be wary of “low-cost” procedures that seem too good to be accurate. Constantly study your plastic surgeon and make sure they are board-certified.  CPSI